M-Lab answers the question: "How fast is my Internet?"

Measurement-Lab, running PlanetLab software on 600 servers world-wide, answers 20,000+ Google queries every day asking "how fast is my internet."

M-Lab Study of ISP Interconnection Released

A Measurement-Lab study of ISP Interconnection and its Impact on Consumer Internet Performance sheds light on the dispute between ISPs and Netflix. Articles in the press help interpret the results.

FCC Launches

The FCC launches a "beta" consumer broadband test on on March 11th. The site uses Measurement Lab (M-Lab) as its back-end platform. M-Lab is a private deployment of PlanetLab spanning 15 sites across the US and Europe.

PlanetLab Logs

PlanetLab logs are in two parts: I) PLC API access control logs, II) Per-node SSH logs.

I)PLC API access control logs

Data Sets

Data Set Author Description
PlanetLab Logs Soner Sevinc

Update to Version 4.3

PlanetLab Central (PLC) will be upgraded to Version 4.3 over the next few weeks. 4.3 includes features that will make it easier to support new types of nodes (e.g., wireless), as well as new GUI features. It also involves a few changes to the programmatic API. Users that run scripts against this API will need to modify those scripts. Click here for a summary of the API changes.

Measurement Lab

The PlanetLab Consortium joins Google and the Open Technology Institute in creating Measurement Lab (M-Lab), a distributed server platform for deploying Internet measurement tools. M-Lab is designed to empower the public with useful information about their broadband connections.

PlanetLab Impact

PlanetLab has proven to be an invaluable platform for learning about network-wide phenomena, creating new network protocols, evaluating new and existing network services, gaining experience with network systems running at a global scale, and in the end, deploying novel network services that enhance the capabilities of the Internet.

Policy Report & Analysis

A paper describing our experiences operating PlanetLab over the past six years, and in particular, how we resolved disputes involving PlanetLab experiments, is now available (here) for review and comment.

GENI Interfaces

A prototype implementation of the GENI interfaces to PlanetLab functionality is now available. The module, called geniwrapper, is available at Preliminary testing of geniwrapper on the live system will begin in the next few weeks.
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