PlanetLab Status

The status of PlanetLab is reported by several programs and tools that view different aspects of the nodes and their connectivity. The following is a list of some of the current status views of PlanetLab. Additional (non-functional) links are listed in the next section below.

CoMon Sortable status page (with various views) of all PlanetLab nodes. Values updated every 5 minutes, with 2-day histories. Shows major resource consumers.
PlanetFlow Logs the outbound network activity of all nodes. You may search the PlanetFlow archive server (, or the PlanetFlow server running on every node (e.g., to identify the researchers responsible for any PlanetLab traffic flow, particularly those that cause security complaints.
CoTop Top-like display of slices on a node along with their resource consumption. Uses data provided by the slicestat sensor.
PLC_Monitor Monitor of current PLC nodes. Tracks status and rebooting of nodes accross PlanetLab.
CoDeeN Sortable status page of all nodes hosting CoDeeN. Values updated every 5 minutes, with 2-day histories.
S3 A snapshot of all-pair capacity and available bandwidth metrics updated about every 4 hours. Also provided are estimated latencies between all planetlab nodes as estimated by Netvigator, a scalable network proximity and latency estimation tool developed at HP Labs. Bottleneck capacity of a path is measured using Pathrate tool from Georgia Tech and available bandwidth is measured using Spruce from MIT.
SWORD Resource discovery tool for finding PlanetLab nodes meeting user-defined resource availability criteria.
Trumpet Open repository of data about nodes including information from sites.xml, node configuration, and node availability. Includes rating services for each node.

Offline/Inactive Views of PlanetLab

The following links are currently offline.

Ganglia A distributed monitoring system providing detailed information on cpu, memory, disk and network metrics across all hosts. All numeric metrics are also aggregated at each level of the monitoring tree. Metric histories are saved for viewing trends in data over hours or years.
IrisLog View PlanetLab resource usage and slice statistics using IrisNet.
iPerf A network bandwidth measurement tool using Iperf to provide all pairs bandwidth measurements.
Node List Lists of the PlanetLab nodes. These lists can be fetched programmatically to get a list of the current nodes.
MapCenter MapCenter displays the current status of collections of computers. This link displays a geographical map of PlanetLab node availability.
SliceStat Sensor server and archives of per-slice resource consumption on individual PlanetLab nodes.
SliceViz X windows application which provides continuous visualization of global, per-slice resource consumption.
Sophia Visualization Visualizes PlanetLab node and link behavior based on Sophia queries.

PlanetLab Security Notice

Security Notice A listing of recent security incidents.