Guides are compact tutorials that attempt to present PlanetLab in a "crash course" format. Experienced PlanetLab users may want to read through the guides anyway, as information changes over time.

  • User's Guide

    The User's Guide is targeted at users of PlanetLab: researchers, educators, and students who run experiments, develop applications, or maintain services on PlanetLab. The User's Guide contains a short primer on PlanetLab terminology and account maintenance that may be useful for new PIs and Technical Contacts as well.

  • PI's Guide

    The PI's Guide is targeted at Principal Investigators: those responsible for overseeing their site's participation in PlanetLab. Some sections of the PI's Guide overlap with the Technical Contact's Guide.

  • Technical Contact's Guide

    If you are responsible for installing or administering PlanetLab nodes, read this Guide. If you are a Principal Investigator who has appointed a separate Technical Contact to handle the day-to-day administration of your nodes, you should still read this Guide to gain a basic understanding of node operation.

  • SFA User's Guide

    PlanetLab is a member of the GENI federation of testbeds, meaning that all GENI users with a valid GENI credential can get access to PlanetLab. You should read this guide if you are a GENI user interested in using the text-based SFI tool to allocate resources on PlanetLab.


    Answers to frequently asked SFA Questions.