The documentation listed below is maintained by staff at PlanetLab Operations. If you would like to contribute official documentation, send e-mail to PlanetLab Support (

If you are a member of the PlanetLab Community, feel free to maintain your own documentation on the PlanetLab Wiki and let users know about it.

Miscellaneous Documentation

  • MyPLC User's Guide

    This document describes the design, installation, and administration of MyPLC, a complete PlanetLab Central (PLC) portable installation contained within a chroot jail.

  • BootManager Technical Documentation

    The PlanetLab BootManager is responsible for securely booting nodes into the PlanetLab environment. This document outlines the operation of this component. For motivation behind the design of the BootManager, see the BootManager PDN.

  • Node BootCD

    This document describes the operation of, and how to build, PlanetLab node boot cds. Most users will not need to read this, and can simply download a prebuilt cd for their nodes.

  • VNET

    The VNET modules on PlanetLab let you set up virtual topologies and provide increased control over the network.

  • Bandwidth Limits

    Bandwidth usage is actively controlled on PlanetLab nodes through a policy of fair share access, similarly to how CPU usage is controlled. If you are performing measurement experiments on PlanetLab, it is essential that you understand how bandwidth usage is controlled in order to qualify your results.