PlanetLab Design Notes

PlanetLab Design Notes (PDNs) are documents describing the design of the platform, or other topics highly relevant to PlanetLab implementation. Please send contributions to the editor, Scott Karlin.

Individual BiBTeX entries are available for each paper by following the links below. You may also view the aggregate PDN BiBTeX database.

PDN-02-001 PDF BibTeX A Blueprint for Introducing Disruptive Technology into the Internet, Larry Peterson, Tom Anderson, David Culler, and Timothy Roscoe, July 2002. Appears in the Proceedings of ACM HotNets-I Workshop, Princeton, New Jersey, USA, October 2002.
PDN-02-002 PDF BibTeX PlanetLab Phase 0: Technical Specification, The PlanetLab Phase 0 Architecture Team, edited by Timothy Roscoe, August 2002.
PDN-02-003 PDF BibTeX PlanetLab Phase 1: Transition to an Isolation Kernel, Larry Peterson and Timothy Roscoe, September 2002.
PDN-02-004 PDF BibTeX One Ring to Rule Them All: Service Discovery and Binding in Structured Peer-to-Peer Overlay Networks, Miguel Castro, Peter Druschel, Anne-Marie Kermarrec, and Antony Rowstron, September 2002. Appears in the Proceedings of the Tenth ACM SIGOPS European Workshop, Saint-Emilion, France, September 2002.
PDN-02-005 PDF BibTeX Dynamic Slice Creation, The PlanetLab Architecture Team, edited by Larry Peterson, October 2002.
PDN-02-006 PDF BibTeX Isolation of Shared Network Resources in Xenoservers, Andrew Warfield, Steve Hand, Timothy Harris, and Ian Pratt, November 2002.
PDN-02-007 PDF BibTeX An End-to-End Approach to Globally Scalable Network Storage, Micah Beck, Terry Moore, and James S. Plank, November 2002.
PDN-02-008 PDF BibTeX InfoSpect: Using a Logic Language for System Health Monitoring in Distributed Systems, Timothy Roscoe, Richard Mortier, Paul Jardetzky, and Steven Hand, December 2002. Appears in the Proceedings of the Tenth ACM SIGOPS European Workshop, Saint-Emilion, France, September 2002.
PDN-03-009 PDF BibTeX PlanetLab: An Overlay Testbed for Broad-Coverage Services, Brent Chun, David Culler, Timothy Roscoe, Andy Bavier, Larry Peterson, Mike Wawrzoniak, and Mic Bowman, January 2003. Appears in ACM Computer Communications Review, vol. 33, no. 3, July 2003, a special issue on tools and technologies for networking research and education..
PDN-03-010 PDF BibTeX A Simple Common Sensor Interface for PlanetLab, Timothy Roscoe, Larry Peterson, Scott Karlin, and Mike Wawrzoniak, March 2003 (updated May 2003).
PDN-03-011 PDF BibTeX BGP Feed Configuration Memo, Akihiro Nakao and Larry Peterson, April 2003.
PDN-03-012 PDF BibTeX A Routing Underlay for Overlay Networks, Akihiro Nakao, Larry Peterson, and Andy Bavier, April 2003.
PDN-03-013 PDF BibTeX Slice Creation and Management, Brent Chun and Tammo Spalink, July 2003.
PDN-03-014 PDF BibTeX Sophia: An Information Plane for Networked Systems, Mike Wawrzoniak, Larry Peterson, and Timothy Roscoe, July 2003.
PDN-03-015 PDF BibTeX Distributed System Management: PlanetLab Incidents and Management Tools, Robert Adams, November 2003.
PDN-03-016 PDF BibTeX Port Use and Contention in PlanetLab, Jeff Sedayao and David Mazières, November 2003.
PDN-04-017 PDF BibTeX Evolving the Slice Abstraction, Larry Peterson, John Hartman, Steve Muir, Timothy Roscoe, and Mic Bowman, January 2004.
PDN-04-018 PDF BibTeX Globus and PlanetLab Resource Management Solutions Compared, Matei Ripeanu, Mic Bowman, Jeffrey S. Chase, Ian Foster, and Milan Milenkovic, February 2004. Appears in the Proceedings of the Thirteenth IEEE International Symposium on High-Performance Distributed Computing (HPDC-13), Honolulu, Hawaii, June 2004..
PDN-04-019 PDF BibTeX The Interdomain Connectivity of PlanetLab Nodes, Suman Banerjee, Timothy G. Griffin, and Marcelo Pias, February 2004. Appears in the Proceedings of the Passive and Active Measurement Workshop (PAM2004), Antibes Juan-les-Pins, France, April 2004.
PDN-04-020 PDF BibTeX IPv4 Address Use in PlanetLab, Jeff Sedayao, April 2004.
PDN-04-021 PDF BibTeX The Design Principles of PlanetLab, Larry Peterson and Timothy Roscoe, June 2004 (updated January 2006). Appears in Operating Systems Review, 40(1):11-16, January 2006.
PDN-04-022 PDF BibTeX Proper: Privileged Operations in a Virtualised System Environment, Steve Muir, Marc Fiuczynski, Larry Peterson, Justin Cappos, and John Hartman, August 2004 (updated June 2005). Appears in the Proceedings of the USENIX 2005 Annual Technical Conference, Anaheim, California, April 2005.
PDN-04-023 PDF BibTeX PlanetLab: Version 3.0, PlanetLab Implementation Team, August 2004 (updated January 2005).
PDN-04-024 PDF BibTeX An End-to-End Approach to Globally Scalable Programmable Networking, Terry Moore, Micah Beck, and James S. Plank, September 2004. Appears in the Proceedings of the Workshop on Future Directions in Network Architecture (FDNA'03), Karlsruhe, Germany, August 2003..
PDN-04-025 PDF BibTeX A Case for Informed Service Placement on PlanetLab, David Oppenheimer, David A. Patterson, and Amin Vahdat, December 2004.
PDN-05-026 PDF BibTeX The PlanetLab Boot Manager, Aaron Klingaman, January 2005.
PDN-05-027 PDF BibTeX Commercialization of PlanetLab: A Whitepaper, Larry Peterson, June 2005.
PDN-05-028 PDF BibTeX Using PlanetLab for Network Research: Myths, Realities, and Best Practices, Larry Peterson, Vivek Pai, Neil Spring, and Andy Bavier, June 2005.
PDN-05-029 PDF BibTeX VNET: PlanetLab Virtualized Network Access, Mark Huang, June 2005.
PDN-05-030 PDF BibTeX Towards a Comprehensive PlanetLab Architecture, Larry Peterson, Andy Bavier, Marc Fiuczynski, Steve Muir, and Timothy Roscoe, June 2005.
PDN-06-031 PDF BibTeX PlanetLab Architecture: An Overview, Larry Peterson, Steve Muir, Timothy Roscoe, and Aaron Klingaman, May 2006.
PDN-06-032 PDF BibTeX PlanetLab Core Specification 4.0, Aaron Klingaman, Mark Huang, Steve Muir, and Larry Peterson, June 2006.