Several long-running end-user services run continuously on PlanetLab, generating over 4 TBytes of live network traffic and contacting over 1 million unique IP addresses every day. Users at PlanetLab sites (and elsewhere) are encouraged to take advantage of these services.

Content Distribution Networks

Service MBytes/day Destination IPs/day

Distributed Hash Tables

Service MBytes/day Destination IPs/day

Scalable Large-File Transfer

Service MBytes/day Destination IPs/day

Robust DNS Resolution

Service MBytes/day Destination IPs/day

Routing Overlays

Service MBytes/day Destination IPs/day


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Service MBytes/day Destination IPs/day

Publish-Subscribe News Access

Service MBytes/day Destination IPs/day

Mobile Access

Service MBytes/day Destination IPs/day

Network Measurement & Observation

Many researchers use PlanetLab as an observation platform from which they can measure and map the Internet, detect anomalies, and diagnose failures. Few of the tools developed to support this activity are available as continuously running PlanetLab services. The main exception is ScriptRoute, which allows users to execute measurement scripts from PlanetLab's main vantage points.

Infrastructure Services

PlanetLab service developers commonly take advantage of "helper" services, commonly called infrastructure services, to deploy, monitor, and maintain their services and experiments. New PlanetLab users are strongly encouraged to leverage these services, rather than reinvent their own.

Brokerage Services

These services can be used to acquire additional resources, for example, to run an experiment or demo during periods of heavy load.

Environment Services

These services are used to distribute software packages, resolve dependencies, and remotely control a slice. Users should be aware that there are many tools available. We call these two out because the combination seems to be getting the most traction in the community. It would be a great service to the PlanetLab community for someone to write a "best practices" document that helps new users figure out what combination of deployment and management tools to use for their slice.

Monitoring & Discovery Services

These are related services that can either be used to monitor the behavior running nodes or slices, or to help users discover what resources are available on what nodes.